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How it all began...

As you are probably aware the Anchorians HC has been an established hockey club since 1954. Our earliest photograph dates back to the 1956 - 1957 season. The Mens 1st XI were quite successful this year recording results as follows:

Played 28, Won 19, Lost 7, Drew 2.

They also recorded an incredible 110 goals, whilst only conceding 50. Great effort guys!

Bank row from left:
Front Row:

The next closest photo of an Anchorians Mens 1st XI takes us to 1967. This team was equally as impressive recording results as follows:

Played 25, Won 14, Lost 6, Drew 5.

They also recorded a respectable tally of 70 goals, whilst only conceding 34. Another great effort!

Mixed Mens Team - Tournament 1983

Bank row from left:
Bob Westcott, Neil Budden, Les Cornish, Graham Parker, Pete Smyth, Richard Brewer
Front Row:
Mark Dean, Mike Harrison, Robbie Donnely, John Barry, Paul lawrence

Mens 6th XI - 1983

Bank row from left:
Bernie Carter, Dave Huxstep, Joe Kennard, Mark Wisby, Colin Ball

Front Row:
Roly Thomas, Steve Small, John Bloor, Brian Goodard, Chris Westcott

Back row from left:

D. Want, D. Grey, P. Smythe, S. Dhindsa, R. Ashdown, V. Chapman

Front Row:

M. Harrison, K. Brown, K. Mckenenney, P. Smith, J. Fletcher, J. Barry, M. Davies

Mens 1st XI - 1987/1988 Season

Qualifiers for HA National League

Back row from left:

I. Wood, D. Want, T. Shave, CAPT. P. Farrer, M. Peters, P, Smyth,

Front Row:

W. Shave, P. Barry, N. Gordon, R. Lewis, S. Goodman.

Team Members not in photograph ~ J. Dawson, I. Valentine.

Mixed Tournament - 1980's / 1990's

Mens 1st XI - 1990/1991

Back row from left:

I. Jackson, I. Valentine, W. Shave, T. Foster, R. Barrett, N. Haselden, D. Butler

Front Row:

D. Want, A. Simmons, T. Shave, N. Gordon, Mark Gray

Mens 1st XI - 1992/1993 Season

Peroni Premier League ‘A’ Champions

Back row from left:

N. Haselden, N. Gordon, M. Gillet, P. Barry, I. Smythe, R. Biddlecombe, R. Barrett (Capt.)

Front Row:

W. Shave, P. Gray, A. Simmons, P. Hargrave, T. Shave, S. Walker, R. Brewer

Reeves and Neylan Kent Veterans Cup Winners - 1989

Mens 1st XI - National Inter League Championships

Anchorians Hockey Club - 1979 - 1980

Anchorians Hockey Club - 1994 - 1995

Ladies U17 Anchorians Hockey Team

Back row from left:

F. Billing, J. Ward, L. Barrett, S. Gooding, M. Young, K. Searle, Sam Stiff

Front Row:

C. Lycett, ?, C. Brown, H. Goddard, S. Meegan, R. Mackay-Miller

Mens 1st XI - Blackpool Tour


Back row from left:

S. Friend, D. Butler, T. Saunders, T. Shave, G. Sodeau, A. Blakeley, P. Highway, J. Lawrie, I. Jackson, S. Radcliffe

Front Row:

W. Shave, M. Selby, T. Brown, M. Hart, A. Simmons